Miguel and Holly Uncensored

Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, and Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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08-26-20: Throwback to 5 Years Ago


We’ve been on Hot 101.5 for FIVE years! What you hear today is a little different than what you heard 5 years ago. Miguel dug out our PRACTICE show and we critique ourselves while cringing and laughing simultaneously.

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08-24-20: Mindful Monday - Parenting During a Pandemic


Dr. Nate Upshaw joins us and offers help for parents on the first day of school (and beyond). We also talk through OUR first day of school fears from long ago and how they impacted us.

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08-19-20: How Should We Celebrate Miguel’s Birthday?


Truths are revealed as we decide how to celebrate Miguel’s birthday this weekend. Plus, we find out what it takes to become a YouTube star when we talk to coworker Sharon, aka “Just Sharon” from YouTube!

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08-17-20: What Makes Us Cry?


Holly admitted to spending 4 hours listening to “Wait For It” from the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. We searched out the emotional songs we listen to on repeat, and *spoiler* we ALL end up crying on this episode. Find out which songs do it for us!

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08-14-20: “Can you step the f*ck back, please?”


We talk to Miguel’s Mom, Ms. Angela! She’s basically a hero in Atlanta, having gotten the news station involved in a MAJOR problem she was having at her apartment complex. We also talk about our various comfort levels of going out in COVID times.

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08-12-20: Nails on a Chalkboard


We kick off the podcast discussing the sounds we hate. We get into some deep life lessons as Holly talks through her most recent bout of depression. We also discover that Scott is his family’s cycle breaker and learn how he’s helping his mom.

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08-10-20 - Mindful Monday: Drugs & Alcohol and Your Mental Health


Have you ever used alcohol or weed to self-medicate? Or maybe to make the weekend more fun? Dr. Upshaw joins us to talk through what these substances actually do to your mind and body. SPOILER: That medical marijuana is not as risk-free as you might think

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08-07-20: Miguel’s Negative Self-Talk


“Look at that fat bitch.” Miguel would never dream of saying that about anyone else, but has been speaking that way to himself. We realize that negative self-talk impacts everything about our lives, including how careers, our finances, and our loved ones.

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08-05-20: How Do You Communicate In A Relationship?


We do “Ask Us Anything” on our Insta every week. A M&H Fam member asked, “How do you all work on communication in your relationships?” We each answer the question with insight from our own relationships, and get a little mind blown along the way.

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08-03-20: Joey Fatone, Mindful Monday, and End Times


We talk to Joey Fatone about the new gameshow he’s hosting! We also address how diet impacts mental health on a Mindful Monday with Dr. Nate Upshaw, and discuss our plans for surviving a hypothetical apocalypse.

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