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QuaranCast Day 16: Anxiety and Depression in Self Isolation


Is this you? We talk through some mental issues Scott has been having in isolation, and recommend a great local service Holly has discovered to help. Plus we go down memory lane to a time when we had VCRs! (Hint: it wasn’t THAT long ago.)

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QuaranCast Day 15: The Walls Are Closing In


Both Miguel and Holly share the breakdowns they had with their respective housemates, reenacting the scenes. Plus we talk to a food delivery driver who has a VERY important message for you about app ordering.

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QuaranCast Day 14: Drag Queens and a Fight Scene


Animosity has been brewing between roommates Miguel and Scott over last Friday’s online happy hour. We get to the root of it while making both guys uncomfortable. Plus, looking for entertainment tonight? We’ve got a Drag Show for you!

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QuaranCast Day 13: S**t Is Getting Real


We talk about our fears as Florida goes into lockdown at midnight tonight. Also, we hear from M+H Fam member Chrissy about what it feels like to lose a family member to COVID-19.

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QuaranCast Day 12 - 9/11 vs. COVID-19 with a dash of Harry Potter


We take on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and somehow tie in 9/11 and how that tragedy compares to COVID-19. We also get deep and nostalgic with questions for our younger selves, and help out another M+H Fam member who is currently without work!

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03-31-20: QuaranCast Day 11 - What IS cultural appropriation?!


Let’s dive into the tough topics today...cultural appropriation and then let’s get sidelined by a mysterious call to our studio hotline!

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03-30-20: QuaranCast Day 10 - Tiger King debate and help for our unemployed neighbors


We kick off today’s episode with a new way to help our unemployed fam, featuring a blast from our past! Then buckle up for a (non)expert debate and discussion of Netflix’s “Tiger King” and its local ties to Tampa Bay.

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03-27-20: QuaranCast Day 9 - Sheriff and Tigers and Murder, Oh My!


Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister explains what the new “safer at home” order means, and Miguel asks him about Tampa Bay’s connection to Netflix’s “Tiger King.” Time for a cold case file, gumshoes!

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03-26-20: QuaranCast Day 8 - Police, Psychology, and Ass Clapping


What does “Safer at Home” mean? Tampa’s Chief of Police explains. We talk to psychologist Dr. Wendy Rice about keeping your relationship healthy while living in close quarters. Finally, an example of what you should NOT be doing on dating apps right now.

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03-25-20: QuaranCast Day 7 - Tampa Moves to Stay at Home, St. Pete To Follow


We talk to both Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman about looming stay-at-home orders. Also, tensions are escalating at Chateau Oprah with all the bodies at home…

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