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07-07-20: Can Liberals and Conservatives Co-Exist?


We bring “Red” John Senning from our sister station to talk through a message we received from an M+H Fam Member. She’s a liberal, her boyfriend is a conservative, and she needs advice on how to talk politics without either of them getting angry.

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07-06-20 - Mindful Monday: What Are The Signs Of Depression?


We discuss our {mixed} emotions about Independence Day 2020. Dr. Nate Upshaw joins us to explain depression, how to recognize it, and the signs you may be suffering from it.

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07-01-20: Happy Birthday Hot 101.5!


We have surprise guests on today to celebrate the 9th birthday of Hot 101.5 and learn some insider secrets regarding the launch. We also give birthday shouts out to Miguel’s mom Miss Angela!

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06-30-20 - HOLD UP: We’re A Mess


No guests, no special topics, just the three of us talking through the heaviness we’ve each been feeling daily. If you’ve been struggling, you’re not alone. How do we handle the current state of the world? We talk through it.

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06-29-20 - Mindful Monday: PTSD Is Not Just For War Vets


We clear up misconceptions surrounding PTSD and who can suffer from it with Dr. Upshaw from NeuroSpa TMS. We also realize a lot of people may have a hard time this holiday season due to politics, protests, COVID, and how divided we seem to have become.

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06-26-20: What Pride Means To You


We discuss what Pride means to us. We also talk to Chrys Bundy, president of St. Pete Pride, about what this year looks like. We also speak with M+H Fam member Raphael who came to the US from Venezuela and tells us what it was like growing up there.

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06-25-20: Becoming Anti-Racist


We welcome journalist Jarrett Hill, currently in L.A., who used to report locally for ABC Action News. Jarrett got down to brass tacks on racial stereotyping, racism, the Black experience, and what it’s like to be a black gay man in the newsroom.

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06-24-20: Miguel’s Mom - Clubbin’ History in ATL


We talk to Miguel’s mom about the clubs she used to frequent in 1980’s Atlanta. The topic came from our chat with Art Smith, who is locally known for cataloging gay clubs of the past.

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06-23-20: What Is Only Fans?/Talk with a Trans Mom and her Son


We start by learning about “Only Fans,” a social media site most notable for naughty things, and decide what we’d each do. We then switch gears to talk to M+H Fam member Wendy and her Trans son Dallas, who further our education of trans people!

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06-22-20: Deleting Friends on Facebook


Miguel has always lived by the motto, “The customer is always right!” It has worked well until now, when he saw something posted online that made him snap. We talk about why Miguel chose to unfriend this person, and what we did to celebrate Juneteenth.

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