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Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, and Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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08-05-20: How Do You Communicate In A Relationship?


We do “Ask Us Anything” on our Insta every week. A M&H Fam member asked, “How do you all work on communication in your relationships?” We each answer the question with insight from our own relationships, and get a little mind blown along the way.

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08-03-20: Joey Fatone, Mindful Monday, and End Times


We talk to Joey Fatone about the new gameshow he’s hosting! We also address how diet impacts mental health on a Mindful Monday with Dr. Nate Upshaw, and discuss our plans for surviving a hypothetical apocalypse.

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07-31-20: Are We Narcissists?


Scott is awkward about hugging and saying goodbyes, and we try to figure out why. That reminds us of people we meet who don’t take social cues that it’s time to leave. We realize WE exhibit some of those entitlement traits: are we narcissists?

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07-29-20: Holly’s Big Breakdown


Homelife exploded for Holly this week as she dealt with her mom issues head-on. We also find out what Miguel has learned about his family on Ancestry.com, and how this new hobby may impact his future with Abe.

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07-27-20: Scotty’s First Strip Club


We’re back! We talk through our respective vacations and what we did, and we hear the VERY entertaining story of Scotty’s first time at a strip club!

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07-17-20: A “That Guy” Kramer Reunion!


We talk through our plans for next weeks’ vacation, and go down memory lane with friend and former radio cohost Steve Kramer! If you’ve ever wanted full perspective on our insane shenanigans of the past, this is the podcast for you.

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07-15-20: Miguel Is Famous In Our Company


Today’s podcast is a little short! Miguel is hosting a session for our whole company about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and explains what that means…plus we talk to his mom! Always a treat!!

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07-13-20 - Mindful Monday: How DOES Exercise Help Our Mental Health?


We reminisce about communication in the 90s and early 00s. House phones, cordless phones and AIM. Remember the struggle? We also talk to Dr. Upshaw who explains just HOW exercise works to boost your mental health, and why it’s so important to get outside.

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For years we’ve been missing a song to kick off the weekend. Miguel loves the chanting and excitement that happens on our sister station. We sample songs to see which one we like best. A surprise caller at the end of the show may solidify our choice.

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07-09-20: How We Became Who We Are


Miguel and Holly reminisce about their radio history, including how and where they picked up their current catch phrases and personalities. Miguel also finds audio from ‘09 in which a psychic gives him a reading. We’ll just say it’s EERILY accurate.

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