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Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, and Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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05-14-20: Cabin Fever Setting In


We’re feeling a little caged in and wondering when we’ll be able to take a vacation. We also pull out some lesser-known 90s and how they related to our young lives. Miguel also shares what it felt like as a child to realize he was gay.

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05-13-20: What Do We Do All Day?


We each go through a typical day in our lives during this weird state of lockdown-lifted. What does YOUR daily routine look like? To whom on the show is it similar? Plus we get an update from Miguel’s Mom about how her Mother’s Day went!

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05-12-20: We Want YOUR Takes!


We go over some of the better Open Mic submissions we’ve received, and also talk about what it really looks like as we open up Florida. Plus we check in with Roommate Dylan and how he’s doing in his Quarantine-style gameshow.

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05-11-20: Confusion About COVID


We try to figure out how we should be responding to Coronavirus. In the midst of reopening, are Floridians still being careful? Or has everyone moved on from COVID-19 precautions? Plus we introduce to you our Weekend Goddess, Sami Jo!

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05-08-20: Tribute to the Class of 2020


You can get involved with our project! Plus, we reminisce about OUR senior years of high school and which superlatives we received. Then we take a trip back to the beginnings of Hot 101.5!

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05-07-20: Miguel is a Chihuahua


Scotty is comparing Miguel to a Chihuahua with pretty great reasoning. We get into Scotty’s career ambitions (is he coming for our jobs?!) and through a revelation about her childhood, we finally figure out the intention for Holly’s mental health podcast.

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05-06-20: Mental Exhaustion Is Real


Does it seem like we’re hitting a collective wall? We talk about physical and mental exhaustion that has built up over the pandemic. Plus, we got to interact with M+H Fam members since we also live-streamed this podcast on Facebook!

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05-05-20: Cinco de Mayo! Can We Wear Sombreros?


Holly wonders if it’s inappropriate to wear a sombrero and yell “OLE!” We chat with afternoon guy Serrano for a Hispanic perspective. Also Mayor Jane Castor and Police Chief Bryan Dugan on how to properly celebrate Cinco with the lockdown recently lifted.

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05-04-20 - Life Advice: Wear Sunscreen


We discuss what our new normal will looks like and who on the show will be the first to try a restaurant. We also talk to Tampa Bay Restaurateur extraordinaire Stephen Schrutt. And finally, we pull out a song from way back that gives great life advice.

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QuaranCast Day 34: Architect, Explorer, Alchemist


Miguel bought a fancy personality-specific planner and made Holly & Scotty take the accompanying personality test to see how compatible we all are. Plus we kick off the ‘cast with a special guest from our corporate office…are we in trouble??

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