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03-24-20: QuaranCast Day 6 - Stay At Home...Near a Trap House?


No guests, and Miguel is feeling ROUGH today. Have you experienced social isolation exhaustion yet? We talk crazy emotions and how we may need to alert HR to something that happened between Miguel & Scott. Is Holly living in a questionable neighborhood?

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03-23-20: QuaranCast Day 5 - Surviving Coronavirus


We talk to Tampa’s own Kaelyn Sheedy, the first woman to contract COVID-19 in Florida. She shares how her recovery been, and we share how did our first weekend in self-isolation went!

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03-20-20: QuaranCast Day 4 - THIS IS NOT THE CHINESE FLU


We talk to WTSP’s Thuy Lan Nguyen about the racial discrimination happening with Coronavirus. Plus! Free food is available in Tampa Bay for anyone who needs it!

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03-19-20: QuaranCast Day 3 - A Licensed Psychologist vs. Butt Chugging


We start with Dr. Wendy Rice, asking how parents can talk to kids about this pandemic. We take back EVERYTHING kind we said about Spring Breakers previously, and address the BUTT CHUGGING going on. We also take a trip down Spring Break Memory Lane.

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03-18-20: QuaranCast Day 2 - Our Secret Fears


We talk through our deep, not-for-on-air fears about worst case Coronavirus scenarios. Danielle from the promo department also joins us about how promotions is going for our station during self-isolation!

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03-17-20: QuaranCast - Your Daily Dose


We’ll be doing daily podcasts for a bit while we’re all practicing social distancing. We talk through our thoughts on CoronaVirus, we call Miguel’s mom, and get into how things are with Holly’s dad. Got anything you’d like us to cover? Shoot us an email!

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03-13-20: Coronavirus Pandemic: What do WE know?


On the first day of the Coronavirus being called a “pandemic,” we talk about our role as radio broadcasters. We ALSO chat with Claire Eli of Project No Labels about what they’re doing to provide mental health help for the LGBTQ+ community in Tampa Bay!

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03-06-20: Anti-Politics Politics


Has anyone suggested dumping BOTH parties? We do in this episode. Boss Will joins us for extra insight and we also get interrupted by Holly’s Mom. It’s a circus! Join us!

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02-28-20: A Friend Group On The Rocks


Miguel is facing a big decision with his friend group and whether or not he needs to take a break from them. Plus if you’ve ever dealt with acne, Holly & Scott feel you’re pain and you won’t feel so alone.

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02-21-20: Are You Awake?


In process of discussing what we did for Valentine’s Day, we stumble upon a truth bomb: some of us are sleeping through life, and some are awake. What are you?

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