Miguel and Holly Uncensored

Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, and Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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06-02-21: Scott’s Relationship Status


BREAKING: Scott’s relationship status has changed but what does that mean for him? Part 1 of us asking the difficult questions. We also reconnect with and check in on Holly’s friend Amanda, who we spoke to a year ago when she had a terrible case of Covid.

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05-28-21: What is Therapy?


Soul Worker Stacy Renee joins us again for a reading, but the M+H Fam member she reads takes us on a deeper journey to understanding what traditional talk therapy is all about.

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05-26-21: The Year 2000


Why does our trio work so well together? Today we find out. Holly reads a journal entry she wrote a few days before the calendar flipped to the year 2000. Through her words we realize we’re all here to help people, in one way or another!

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05-24-21: Closeted Men in Straight Relationships


There’s trauma in not knowing yourself. M+H Fam member Megan was in a relationship with a bisexual man for 7 years…but only learned he was bisexual towards the end. She shares some red flags she ignored for years.

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05-21-21: Body Image Issues


After reading a story that men are still programmed to be turned on by looks, we take a deep look at why both Miguel and Scott have body image issues and what it means for both the gay and straight communities.

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05-19-21: Why Holly’s Angry


Ready for some wrath? Holly gets fired up, and we (thankfully) talk to a local entrepreneur with a great new platform to help with mental health!

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