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Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, and Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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10-21-20: Love - It’s Not What You Think


Miguel found great life advice from the movie “Girl’s Trip.” Holly weighs in with how and why her marriage failed, and we come to the conclusion that love isn’t at all what most movies and TV show portray.

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10-19-20: Miguel’s Dating Past


Our former morning show cohost Kramer invited Miguel to join HIS podcast about Miguel’s engagement. But what happened was a history of Miguel’s cringeworthy dating past, that (gladly) led to his current engagement to fiancé Abe!

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10-16-20: Living Your Best Life


An M+H Fam member joins the podcast today to tell us about the leap of faith she took in her career that has made life infinitely better for her. Have you reached YOUR potential? If you can’t answer yes, this podcast is for you!!

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10-15-20: Disrespectful Dog Doodoo


One unaired Tampa Bay Secret involved using dog poo as revenge. We talk through whether we’d ever take that route for revenge, and it brings out stories of Holly’s resentment at her late stepdad and Scott’s anger at his former fraternity.

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10-13-20: Wedding Bells Are Ringing!


Miguel is back from celebrating his engagement and we discuss all things wedding with him! We also get a phone call from Jerry Springer to chat about a TV special we’re part of this Friday.

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10-07-20: We Are Grateful


We each have different reasons we’re grateful to have won Best of the Bay awards, but we dig deep and find out WHY the awards have impacted us so deeply. Also our individual experiences with family, and how people are affected by hurt, pain, and anger.

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