Miguel and Holly Uncensored

Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller, Holly O'Connor, Producer Ryan and Associate Producer Scotty The Body from the Miguel & Holly Show on HOT 101.5 uncensored.

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03-18-19: Your Questions: Answered


Thank YOU for checking out our podcast! We shout out some of the people who emailed that they listen and get pretty deep with family member Nick’s question for us. What IS the best way to find a partner? We figure it out!

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03-13-19: The One About Spring Break...and Voting


Miguel, Holly, & Scotty talk about the wild shenanigans Scotty got into for Spring Break in Key West, and address how everyone feels about voting thanks to a message from one of our fave podcast listeners!

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02-27-19: The One with SBK


Having gone through a kidney transplant, a breakup, and the death of his dog, we talk to fellow radio friend SBK about what it was like to survive and how life is different after trauma. Don’t think this is a sadcast though…SBK kept us laughing!

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02-18-19: The One About #BlownOffBall19


What went on BEHIND the scenes at Blown Off Ball 2019? We dish the dirt and find out why this year’s Spin the Bottle was unlike any other!

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02-13-19: The One With A Male Dancer


We talk about whether we need to change Scotty The Body’s name and persona, and ended up with a local male dancer on the phone. There’s also a quick side tangent of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Walking Dead TV shows.

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02-07-19: The One Where Producer Ryan Gets Deep


We start off the show talking Valentine’s gifts we’re getting for our significant others…and when Ryan calls Holly’s gift to her boyfriend “lame,” we come to a realization about Ryan that might help us all be better humans.

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